As well as providing training, evaluation and consultancy, I also offer the following services:


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Policy Package

I've teamed up with OurCommunities to provide a set of six core policies and procedures, ready-made for new charities. Most of these are adapted from the templates you can find in the Policy Bank, but they have been reviewed for your organisation and carry your logo across the top. This also comes with a brief guide on how to maintain your policies and keep them relevant. The pack includes items on: Equal Opportunities, Financial Safeguarding and Communications.

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Limited Liability Assistance

If you're a newly formed charity, or just completed the Charity Start-up package, your next step will be to limit your financial liability. This package gives you step by step assistance with your Memorandum, Articles of Association and registration forms, as well as explaining the differences they will make to your organisation. Quick and easy.



Social Media Package

This service includes setting up a linked Blogger website (both a blog and website), Facebook page, Twitter account and optional YouTube channel, plus tweet scheduling and Social Media Policy. Support is also included on integrating PayPal. Personalised domain names and e-mail accounts can be included for the price of domain purchase. Step-by-step guides are included to help you to maintain each of your sites easily, cutting out expensive technical assistance in the future






Digital Media Services

I offer audio, video and image editing services, and can help you to script and storyboard your ideas to create podcasts and videos for your organisation. Many charities include media on their websites and blogs, some even have a dedicated YouTube channel. This helps them to engage with their stakeholders in a way that text simply doesn't. If you would like to discuss your project and obtain a quote, please e-mail to arrange a time to talk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Consultant with eleven years' experience of working with NGOs and governing bodies in the UK, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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